POCKET ECHOS.007 Electronic Press Kit


POCKET ECHOS.007 Electronic Press Kit

Urhosson – Soliloquy

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ARTIST : Urhosson
RELEASE DATE : December 2nd, 2022
FORMATS : Digital, Album
GENRE : Electronic, Neo Classical, Drone
UPC: 197208244197


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Tracklist (single release date)
1. Mosaic (November 4th, 2022)
2. Romance
3. Scalar
4. Clavis
5. Words
6. Homecoming
7. Risked
8. Juve
9. Bed
10. Discovery
11. Piensa
12. Tuuli (November 18th, 2022)


‘Soliloquy’ is the fourth and final album for 2022 by Urhosson, ending a busy year. The record invites the listener to a more personal space with some human voice present, emphasis still being in the cinematique soundscapes. Heavy use of eclectic analog synths mixed with soft erratic string arrangements define the core of sound for the album. Four albums in one year is a lot of music but this was the concept from Urhosson all along.

A soliloquy is a monologue addressed to oneself, thoughts spoken out loud without addressing another. Urhosson’s favourite one is the “Tears in rain”-monologue of the last words of character Roy Batty in the Ridley Scott film Blade Runner. There is a profound emotional similarity of that classic moment and the instrumental music of Urhosson, a peaceful melancholy. Writing intimate instrumental music in the world we live today might often feel like a soliloquy, question being, will it eventually be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Song stories / highlights from the album

‘Mosaic’ is the first track and single from the album. A gentle minimalistic synth composition in an deep space provided by a vintage spring reverb chamber. Organic analog melodies appear one after another creating a mosaic of sound. Release date November 4th. The minimalistic video for ‘Mosaic’ gathered 175000 views in Youtube on the week of the release.

‘Tuuli’ is the the last track on the album and the 50th track released by Urhosson in 2022. It contains surprise vocals in the Finnish language by the composer. The metaphorical lyrics reflect the concept of wind, with an analogy of another person, passing by. Release date for ‘Tuuli’ is November 18th.

‘Discovery’ is the most orchestral and song-like composition on the album, suggesting a new, more lively direction for the sound of Urhosson. Wide range of string instruments highlight the cinematic tendencies of the composer. The heavy bottom end still reflecting where Urhosson comes from, dance music.


Urhosson is a composer and producer based in Helsinki, Finland. He creates atmospheres that fuse electronic and neoclassical elements. The voice of music for Urhosson is not so much about tracks that evolve as songs on a large scale, but moods that evolve in a meaningful way, with intention.

During the last decades, having worked and collaborated with diverse selection of Finnish lowkey frieds/artists as a producer, the ever evolving creative enviroment for Urhosson has been fine tuned to allow music to be created with intuition, without technical boundaries.

In addition to the music, some of the released tracks are complemented with minimalistic videos made by Urhosson. These videos are almost art-installation like, portraying memories or scenes, focusing on a very specific subject or a moment in time.

Main source of inspiration for Urhosson has always been the sea. Seeming endless, often dark and blue, reflecting the sky and in good times, decorated by a sunrise. Near the sea is where the artist spends as much time as possible.

Urhosson’s musical influences range from Japanese shoegaze, neo-classical, minimalist, electronica, field recordings and more to jazz and installation music. Soundtracks and film scores have always been a great inspiration and this can surely be heard in the moods and modes of his sound. Inspirational echos in the music can be heard from Jóhann Jóhannsson, Ólafur Arnalds and Jon Hopkins, to mention a few.


Video for ‘Mosaic’ (released November 4, 2022)

Video for ‘Tuuli’ (released November 18, 2022)