Urhosson – Soliloquy


Urhosson – Soliloquy

ARTIST : Urhosson
RELEASE DATE : December 2nd, 2022
FORMATS : Digital, Album
GENRE : Electronic, Neo Classical, Drone

Tracklist (single release date)
1. Mosaic (November 4th, 2022)
2. Romance
3. Scalar
4. Clavis
5. Words
6. Homecoming
7. Risked
8. Juve
9. Bed
10. Discovery
11. Piensa
12. Tuuli (November 18th, 2022)

‘Soliloquy’ is the fourth and final album for 2022 by Urhosson, ending a busy year. The record invites the listener to a more personal space with some human voice present, emphasis still being in the cinematique soundscapes. Heavy use of eclectic analog synths mixed with soft erratic string arrangements define the core of sound for the album.

A soliloquy is a monologue addressed to oneself, thoughts spoken out loud without addressing another. Urhosson’s favourite one is the “Tears in rain”-monologue of the last words of character Roy Batty in the Ridley Scott film Blade Runner. There is a profound emotional similarity of that classic moment and the instrumental music of Urhosson, a peaceful melancholy. Writing intimate instrumental music in the world we live today might often feel like a soliloquy, question being, will it eventually be lost in time, like tears in rain.