POCKET ECHOS.002 Electronic Press Kit


Urhosson – Metropolis (album)

POCKET ECHOS.002 Electronic Press Kit

ARTIST : Urhosson
RELEASE TITLE : Metropolis
RELEASE DATE : Feb 25, 2022
FORMATS : Digital, Album
GENRE : Contemporary classical, ambient, electronic

Urhosson started the year 2022 off with a stealth cinematic self-release of A / B and now follows with a debut album Metropolis on Pocket Echos label. Title track from the album is a hypnotic 12 minute epic soundscape accompanied by a music video, released Feb 11, 2022.

The album Metropolis contains a diverse selection of tracks from cinematic piano compositions to dystopian drone atmospherics to hypnotic techno. The concept behind the album lies in the eternal journey of an individual trying to find her or his place in the vast space of a modern urban landscape. This has also been the concept for the music video for the title track Metropolis: ongoing introspection to find your true self.

The creative process behind the album has it’s roots mostly in studio-based experimentation, where mistakes are embraced, letting the music lead the creator. The album will be released Feb 25, 2022.

Urhosson is a Finnish musician, composer, and producer based in Helsinki. He creates atmospheres that fuse electronic and classical sounds as well as field recordings and samples from the archives as basis for composing. It is not so much about compositions that evolve on a large scale, but more the moods that evolve in a meaningful way.

During the last decades, having worked and collaborated with diverse selection of artists, the creative enviroment for Urhosson has been fine tuned to allow music to be created with intuition, without technical boundaries. It is the well built creative enviroment at play which is almost as important as the person making the desicions.

Soundtracks and film scores have always been a great inspiration and here lie the musical objectives for Urhosson, to write the score for a moment in your life. Not music for the background but for the moment of emotion, of change, hopefully for the better. Inspirational echos in the music can be heard from such Icelandic greats as Hildur Guðnadóttir and Jóhann Jóhannsson, as well as Nils Frahm and Jon Hopkins.

1. Soft Landing
2. Anosognosia
3. Hazey
4. Vaijar
5. Friends
6. Vacilar
7. With Me
8. Fire Dance
9. Metropolis
10. Fraqil
11. A Place In This World
12. Farewell

All music / mixing / mastering – Urhosson

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Title track music video for Metropolis