POCKET ECHOS.010 Electronic Press Kit


POCKET ECHOS.010 Electronic Press Kit

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Urhosson – Dream Research, Pt. 1

ARTIST : Urhosson
RELEASE TITLE : Dream Research, Pt. 1
RELEASE DATE : May 17, 2024
FORMATS : Digital, EP
GENRE : Electronic, Neoclassical
UPC: 198474077830

EP tracklist
1. Velvet
2. Submerging
3. Adventures In
4. Strange Float
5. Pearls In The Sky


Pocket Echos is releasing Urhosson’s latest instrumental EP, “Dream Research, Pt. 1” on May 17th 2024. Rooted in the artist’s personal foray into sleep study, the EP is inspired by the findings and experience of the research. Recorded in his own studio over the course of a few months, Urhosson loosely connects the progress of the study process to its influence on his approach to composing and arranging sounds and music.

With its lush but static string arrangements, heavily manipulated piano sounds and synth lines that sound at times like voices, “Dream Research, Pt. 1” certaily takes you to a dimension outside the everyday realm if you let it. Close your eyes and you could feel witnessing a flow of thoughts and an experience of introspection, characterized by a complex interplay of inspiration and confusion. Even after submerging into the unknown, the EP still feels optimistic and hopeful. “Dream Research, Pt. 1” is the first of two releases by Urhosson in 2024.

Dream Research
. Analyzing symbols, patterns, emotions
. Unlocking creativity and problem-solving potential
. Exploring science, psychology, and spirituality
. Investigating the impact on mental health
. Understanding the subconscious


Urhosson (born Juha Tuukkanen, 1979 in Helsinki) is an Finnish producer and composer based in Helsinki, Finland who creates atmospheres that fuse electronic and neoclassical elements with field recordings. Main source of inspiration for Urhosson has always been the sea where he spends as much time as possible.

During the last decades, having worked and collaborated with a diverse selection of friends/artists, the ever evolving creative environment for Urhosson has been fine tuned to allow music to be created with intuition and invention, without technical boundaries. In addition to the music, some of the released tracks are complemented with minimalistic videos made by Urhosson. These videos are portraying dream like memories or scenes, focusing on a specific subject or a moment in time.

Urhosson’s musical influences range from Japanese shoegaze, neoclassical, minimalist electronica to jazz in all colors. Soundtracks have always been a great inspiration and this can surely be heard in the moods and modes of his sound. Inspirational echos in the music of Urhosson can be heard from Jóhann Jóhannsson, Ryūichi Sakamoto and Nils Frahm, to mention a few.

Urhosson past discography:
2023 – ‘ACT’ (EP)
2023 – ‘Ocean’ (EP) – in collaboration with Hans Kämmerer
2023 – ‘Close Your Eyes And Feel My Pain’ (single)
2023 – ‘Nove’ (EP)
2022 – ‘Soliloquy’ (album)
2022 – ‘ARPS’ (album)
2022 – ‘Homage’ (album)
2022 – ‘Metropolis’ (album)
2022 – ‘A / B’ (single)

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