POCKET ECHOS.005 Electronic Press Kit


POCKET ECHOS.005 Electronic Press Kit


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ARTIST : Urhosson
RELEASE DATE : September 30th, 2022
FORMATS : Digital, Album
GENRE : Electronic, House, Techno
UPC: 197147820162

ARPS tracklist (single release date)
1. Inner Peace Campain
2. Virgil (September 2nd)
3. Astralia (September 23rd)
4. Clinique
5. Resolute
6. Plant
7. Strang
8. Extreme Poetry
9. Drown
10. Iteracion (September 16th)
11. Argae (September 9th)
12. Lude

ARPS is the third album from Urhosson in 2022, having released debut album Metropolis in february and Homage in may. Percussive soundscapes on ARPS take the Urhosson sound to a more rhytmic direction from the previous ambient albums, still maintaining the cinematic ethos. As the name suggests, ARPS is about experimenting variations of arpeggios in house and techno.

Urhosson’s description of the album: “Going through the semi-large archive of my unreleased music library, it was early 2022 when i discovered the quiet signal that there was an album in there focused on the use of arpeggiators. Allthough sometimes used as a tool for the uninspired electronic musician, i managed to gather a collection of tracks that to me have and interesting take on the techniques of arpeggiators. That is when ARPS was born. The tracks have been recorded during the last few years.”

Urhosson is a Finnish composer and producer based in Helsinki, who creates atmospheres that fuse electronic and classical elements as basis for composing. The voice of Urhosson is not so much about compositions that evolve on a large scale, but more the moods that evolve in a meaningful way.

During the last decades, having worked and collaborated with diverse selection of artists as a producer, the ever evolving creative enviroment for Urhosson has been fine tuned to allow music to be created with intuition, without technical boundaries. It is the well built creative enviroment at play which is almost as meaningful as the person making the decisions.

Soundtracks and film scores have always been a great inspiration and this can surely be heard in the moods and modes of his sound. Not music for the background but for the moment of emotion, of change, hopefully for the better. Inspirational echos in the music can be heard from Jóhann Jóhannsson, Nils Frahm and Jon Hopkins, to mention a few.